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DigiWaiter Windows Phone 7 POS

Windows Phone 7 Point of Sale

DigiWaiter POS started out in 2005 and was a bundle of 3 programs written in VB.NET

  • DigiWaiter Server
  • DigiWaiter Desktop Client (XP / Vista / Windows7)
  • DigiWaiter PDA Client (PocketPC 2003 / Windows Mobile 5.0 & 6.0)

After a couple of years interest in the software decreased and development froze.
But Windowsphone7 and especially the Mango update brought new life to the project and I started developing a POS client in WP7 which would connect to the 'old' POS server.

The roadmap I've set is now:

1 Launch the DigiWaiter POS Windows Phone 7 Client on the micorosoft marketplace

2 Collect feedback and bug reports for WP7 Client 1.0

3 Release a 1.1 version of the WP7 Client

4 Develop a new 2012 version of the DigiWaiter POS server with a.o:

  • Microsoft reporting reports (instead of Crystal Reports)
  • SQL database engine (instead of Access

5 Android DigiWaiter POS


Download the DigiWaiter POS Server HERE

DigiWaiter Windows Phone 7 POS
More than 'POS Software'

POS flow

The DigiWaiter Point of Sale restaurant Freeware solution consists of 3 products which will:

  • Speed up your ordering and picking process
  • Structure your stock / prevent out of stock situations
  • Gives better insight into your sales
  • Decrease error rates


Windows Phone 7 POS


Screenshot XP / Vista Desktop Client

DigiWaiter Server

Sreenshot XP / Vista Server

POS PDA Client
Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0 PDA screenshot

The DigiWaiter Solution:

  • DigiWaiter Server, set up the menu, stock, categories, etc. Manage transactions, print invoices.
  • DigiWaiter Desktop Client, runs on a pc and lets you send order, pick orders, communicate with the server.
  • DigiWaiter PDA Client (windows mobile 2003 / WM5), send orders, communicate with the server.

The process of setting up the menu, categories, etc is just so easy. If an item's 'out of stock' it will not appear on the menu. If you (de)select a category on the server you make sure you have 100% control over the menu!

What's the advantage of the DigiWaiter Solution?

You can use your existing hardware, no need to invest thousands of dollars in new hardware just use you own PDA and PC, try it out and let the DigiWaiter Solution convince you!!

More than 'POS Software'
DigiWaiter POS 'in action'!

Got these pictures of DigiWaiter POS in action at the Glaros beach bar in Nei Pori Greece.

Glaros Beach Bar

Glaros Beach Bar

Glaros Beach Bar

This is a real life example how you can speed up your ordering proces and cut costs with a simple software solution like DigiWaiter POS!

DigiWaiter POS 'in action'!
Silverlight meets Joomla!

See what happens when Silverlight meets Joomla with the new Silverlight Shoutbox.
Use it on your Joomla websites and set height, width, background, fontsize, etc in the backoffice!

Click here for the demo

Module settings shoutbox sample

Download the component and module at:
SilverQLShoutbox component

SilverQLShoutbox module

GNU General Public License applies!

Silverlight meets Joomla!


I'm going to try the DigiWaiter Windows Phone 7 POS client

Picture this!

picture this!

We're looking for pictures from around the world, of places (and people) using DigiWaiter in their restaurants, bars, etc.!!

Please send them to info @

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